All about Euan.

Brought up on a small sheep farm in Central Scotland, Euan developed a keen interest for sheep from an early age. Learning the art of shepherding from his father, Euan found a passion for Scottish Black Face sheep that continues to this day.

Upon leaving school, Euan travelled the world shearing sheep, experiencing many different methods of sheep farming. These travels and experiences have shaped the way Euan farms today. Throughout the world, Euan believes there is no match to the Scottish Black Face sheep. 

“Their determined character and hardiness make them perfect for our Scottish hills and climate. And giving time to fully mature, they cannot be rivalled in flavour”

All about Laura.

After being graduated in Agronomy, Laura moved over for good, to realize her biggest dream: becoming a shepherdess in Scotland.  Passionate by sheep farming, she soon got the bug of training and working her own sheepdogs. 

She, now, owns her own flock of North Country Cheviot and Cheviot mules and shares with Euan, a flock of beautiful traditional Blue Face Leicester. As well as having her own sheep and working as a self employed shepherdess, doing mostly hill gathering, she hopes selling all of their lambs directly from the farm to the costumer. 



A perfect partnership.

Both Euan and Laura share the same ambition of producing quality, healthy and ethical lamb - local quality meat suppliers, Lawhill Lamb. 

“Less miles and closer to our customers, we would like them to enjoy our passion with us and make our impact in the farming industry matter”.